Allie dances at Creative Arts Academy in Utah and is currently on the Teen Touring Company. She trains in all styles of dance with her favorite being contemporary. Allie placed in the top 22 at Nationals at The Dance Awards Las Vegas 2016, 2017 and 2018.She loves dancing at conventions and has has met some amazing friends along the way in her travels!  She has received multiple scholarships at 24Seven, Jump, NUVO, Radix, Adrenaline and NYCDA.  As a soloist she has placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at many of these conventions.  She is a member of the DancerPalooza Beat Squad 2018. She has also done some acting and commercial work and danced in several of Sofia Wylie’s 4kDance Series Dance videos. Besides dancing, Allie loves to cook, hang out with friends and her family.  Something people may not know about Allie is that she speaks Mandarin Chinese! She has been in the Chinese Immersion program at her school for the past 7 years. Allie is excited to be a part of Club Five this year and can’t wait to represent this amazing company!  





Hey there, mover and shaker!